We offer a range of services to assist Students, Immigration services for professionals and Visit Visas for Business stream.


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H-Axle Consultancy is an organization that helps professionals to study abroad, Migrate and settle abroad by providing services such as admission guidance, visa assistance, accommodation arrangements, and pre-departure orientation.


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Study Visa

Admission guidance

We help students to choose the right course and university based on their academic background, interests, and career goals.

Visa assistance

We guide students through the visa application process, including filling out application forms, submitting required documents, and preparing for the visa interview.

Pre-departure orientation

We provide students with essential information and guidance on living and studying abroad, such as cultural differences, health and safety, and travel tips.

Our success stories

We have helped hundreds of students from different countries to achieve their academic and career goals by studying abroad. Our success stories include students who have gone on to pursue successful careers in their chosen fields, as well as those who have become global citizens with a broader perspective and understanding of the world.

Accommodation arrangements

We help students to find suitable accommodation options, such as dormitories, hostels, or homestays, depending on their preferences and budget.

Work Abroad

When one secures a job abroad, many a time they do not know where to start from. However, having a partner who understands the whole process like the back of their hands can be very assuring. Well, that partner is H-Axle Consultancy. Many people have lost their shot at such lifetime opportunities for lack of information. We understand the whole procedure from the application of a job vacancy to the time of starting the job.

Most workers moving abroad would want to go with their families. In many instances, the immigration may seem difficult, but not when using the guidance from H-Axle Consultancy. Over the ten years that we have been in existence, we have helped many families to move with one or many of their members who had secured a job in a foreign country. We take over everything that our clients literally sit back and watch us working things through.

Migrate Overseas

We have a deeper understanding of whether an immigrant would need a visa to enter a particular country, the documents that they would need during the application of a visa if they will need to and what checks they will have to pass once they touch down at the foreign. We believe in early preparations, and that is exactly what we encourage our clients to do every time.

The last thing any traveler would want is to have their visa application delayed yet the day of departure is nearing. We understand the frustration anyone would go through when they fail to meet a deadline due to such delays in the visa application. That is why to do everything to avert such inconveniences and ensure that our clients do not miss their flight. We help our customers to have a precise definition of what they want to do in the foreign country, and the much time they would want to spend there to determine the visa they will need and the required documents for the application of the same.

Settle Abroad

It may come a time when one wants to move to another country to start a life. This transition is not as easy as it may sound. One would need to understand how to go about settling in the new country without affecting whatever they had gone to do. Proper guidance on the understanding of the stages of settling in a new country is undeniably required at such times. The good news is that H-Axle Consultancy is ready to help at such times.

Delayed settlement can have dire effects not only on the individual or the whole family moving abroad but also on the purpose of the immigration. For instance, one is unlikely to concentrate on their studies or work in the foreign country when they have not fully settled. Unless one get it right, they will waste a lot of time on it.

We have helped many individuals and their families to settle in the new environment. While others may take up to two years to settle, those who choose to use our services have been able to settle as soon as possible owing to our settling strategy that they find very effective. We help our clients understand the stages of settling in a foreign country by discussing each in detail and indicating what they would expect. This way, they get prepared for the worse by developing a thick skin and integrating with the local culture.